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Surge Bait 165mm – DDE


Surge Bait Available in three sizes

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After a long development process The Surge bait is finally here and its packed full of innovative features as well being available in three sizes to suit a variety of methods, species and situations, sizes are 105mm (4g) 145,mm (9g) 165mm (13g). Some of the features of the Surge Bait include Asymmetric forward facing 3d eyes, full length belly groove, articulated tail section , full scale, gill plate,nostril, mouth and fin details. Its most important feature T.F.S (Twin fin stabilisation ). The Unique T.F.S feature is located on the tail itself and enables the tail to maintain its direction in accordance with the main body just like a real fish.

Rigging the Surge Bait weedless couldn’t be easier with its full length belly groove your bait will sit perfectly straight on the hook of your choice. Alternatively they are also very effective fished on standard jigs and also drop shot. Try the 105mm for Wrasse , Perch, Zander and Chub, excellent bite size goodness. While the 145mm , 165mm are just perfect for Bass, Larger Zander and jerked for Pike.



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105mm (5 per pack), 145mm (5 per pack), 165mm (4 per pack)